Certified Hand Therapist


Kristi is a Hand Therapy Fellowship instructor and mentor with Upstream Rehab Institute and a practicing occupational therapist/partner/clinic director for SERC Physical Therapy in Hand-Gardner, Kansas.  She obtained her Master of Occupational Therapy from Rockhurst University in Kansas City in 1997 and became a Certified Hand Therapist in 2014.   Kristi is certified both as an ASTYM provider and Functional Capacity Evaluator. She is a Senior Therapist and serves as a professional and clinical mentor through the Hand Therapy Fellowship program.  Kristi instructs the Sensation and Pediatric/Congenital Anomalies modules of the Hand Therapy Fellowship and is a key contributor to the Upstream Rehab Institute’s Upper Extremity Manual Therapy Certification course. She is currently instructing the Orthoses Management courses of the hand fellowship.

Kristi Dickerson teaches the following courses for URI:

  • Orthosis Boot Camp: An Introduction to Orthosis Fabrication
  • Hand Therapy Boot Camp: An Introduction to Hand Therapy
  • Intermediate/Advanced Hand Course: Understanding the Wrist Complex