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The mission of the URI Pelvic Health Development Program is to inspire and empower the clinician to reach their full potential as an clinical specialist in the field of pelvic health. We are committed to developing passionate, skilled, inclusive, evidence-based clinicians that demonstrate the highest form of professionalism.


The URI Pelvic Health Development Program is an 18-month program in a blended learning environment. Didactic course content is delivered both via independent and live online programming and is coupled with a 4-part pelvic health continuing education series through our partner IAMT with the option of sitting for certification. Regularly scheduled mentoring is provided by an expert pelvic health mentor approved by the program.

Program Director 

Our Pelvic Health Development Program has the experience and passion needed to help clinicians take their clinical expertise in the field of pelvic health to the next level.

Ashlie Crewe PT, DPT



The Pelvic Health Development Program is able to be completed in virtually any location throughout the Upstream branded market. Each year the program is anticipated to expand. Please make sure to contact us for specific locations.

Program Outline

Participants are employed by an Upstream Rehab partner clinic and provide full-time patient care in one of these outpatient facilities.  Knowledge development of foundational skills, current best-practice patterns and successful business practice development occur on our online platform throughout the 18 month program.  This content is paired with four IAMT continuing education courses to help the clinician develop expertise in clinical reasoning, recognize implicit biases and improve inclusive practice, focus on external and internal pelvic health assessment for all pelvises, as well as improve manual therapy skills and pain science.  These courses are specifically tailored to help graduates obtain pelvic health specialty certification upon completion of the program.   

Program Components:

  • Completion of the IAMT Pelvic Health Certification Track courses
  • Participation in monthly specialty topic virtual in-services
  • Participation in quarterly tutorials
  • Optional Completion of additional assigned MedBridge content
  • Completion of all mentoring sessions
  • Skills Check completed in month 10

The program is designed to be completed within 18 months with variance to obtain general pelvic health knowledge or that of a clinical specialist.

Course Descriptions

Mentoring Model

Participants participate in monthly 1:1 mentoring with a pelvic health clinician in the first 6 months of the program in a live or virtual format. Sessions are focused on clinical topics, building a sustainable practice, and creating a resilient and balanced approach to care. In the months 7-18, participants meet with their mentor twice per month to expand upon topics as their pelvic health caseload expands. Over the next 18 months mentorship is completed on an as needed basis. Our Mentoring Coordinator assists participants in achieving all mentoring requirements throughout the year. 

Program Goals and Outcomes

Program Goals

  1. Provide evidence based, patient-centered quality care to include evaluation, assessment, reassessment, intervention, prevention and discharge of a pelvic health population. Consistently acquire, interpret, integrate and relay best evidence.
  2. Be prepared to build a successful pelvic health business.
  3. Increase accessibility of highly effective, evidence based pelvic rehabilitation, ensuring equitable access to care across geographic regions.
  4. Demonstrate the highest level of professionalism in communication, instruction, and service.
  5. Support clinicians interested in growing their knowledge of pelvic health rehabilitation in achieving personal, clinical, and professional goals.
  6. Achieve Certified Pelvic Health Clinician (CPHC) certification.

Program Outcomes

The program demonstrates clinical quality outcomes that exceed the comparative average orthopedic caseload outcomes.

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-Melissa Terpstra

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