URI Continuing Education Course Testimonials



“I [want] to reinforce how outstanding Tray Rush was in presenting this course.  He was extremely well-prepared, knowledgeable, captivating and has an innate ability to present complex information to a group in a manner in which we can all retain and apply what we’ve learned.  I would love to see him continue to present on concussion related topics as we continue to learn more and the paradigm continues to shift in the way we evaluate and treat MTBIs.”

-Greg S., MS, ATC, LAT; Concussion Management


“I loved the instructor; his depth and breadth of knowledge were impressive and helpful. His didactic style of instruction paired well with my preferred learning style, and his demonstration of certain techniques made learning simple and easy to replicate.”

Treating the Runner


“I would highly recommend this course to any clinician that would be treating vestibular patients. I now understand the vestibular system and how to treat it better than I ever have in my career thus far and throughout PT school. With the information provided, I am much more confident that I will be able to provide a thorough differential diagnosis and give patient’s the treatment that they need.”

Vestibular Rehab


“Loved it!, instructor was awesome, and I would recommend this course to everyone. I have already easily incorporated what I learned into my normal patient care.”

Post-Arthroplasty Rehab of the Knee and Shoulder


“It was amazing! Instructors were very educated and experienced and at same time very approachable and made you feel they were there for us and truly wanted us to learn & be confident in skills to be able to utilize on Monday. I felt they were vested in my success and very helpful giving me the tools and knowledge needed!”

Dry Needling 1