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Reminder: Take Care of Yourself!

We all have times in our lives when we feel a little more run-down, whether we have more stress at work, at home, or both; life is full of these phases. At any time, but especially these times, it is important to take care of yourself first so you can continue to take care of and serve others.

However you choose to fill your own bucket, it’s important to consider both mental and physical components to this.

Mentally take a moment to take a few deep breaths to simulate your parasympathetic (“rest and digest”) nervous system. Then take a second to reflect on how you are currently feeling to establish the next steps to go forward.

Physically you want to fuel your body appropriately and get some daily movement in. Focus on the basics:
– Fuel your body with foods that make you feel good
– Focus on adequate hydration daily
– Prioritize sleep
The basics are basics for a reason!

Also prioritizing some movement in, whether it is 5 minutes or a full workout, can make a huge difference on how you feel. Set a routine to include these things and bonus points if you stack it with another habit! My personal favorite is to stretch while drinking coffee, since drinking coffee is something I already do!

I have linked some mobility videos below you can do at any point throughout the day, after you wake up in the morning, during your lunch, or before you go to bed. So take a second for yourself and try this flow* below focusing on loosening up the back and hips!

Reps and sets will be based on how you feel (Click each number for a new video demonstrating the exercise):

1. Pike walk out to thoracic rotation
2. Prone on elbows with thoracic rotation
3. Cat camel to thoracic rotation
4. Prone press up to prone scorpions
5. Piriformis stretch with sciatic floss
6. Hip IR/ER rockers
7. Foam roll lower trunk rotation
8. Thoracic extensions on foam roller

Hope these small reminders help you to remember to fill your own cup!

Remember, no one is perfect, and that in itself is perfect!

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*Content courtesy of Laura Kummerle, PT, DPT, OCS / Website:

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