Fit for Practice – Professional Development and Practice Management

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Investment is one of our core values at Upstream. We are committed to the growth and success of our most valuable resources – our people and our communities. Professional development is important to help our clinicians refine their skills while also developing new skills.

Professional development is also important to stay up to date on current trends in practice and current evidence-based treatment approaches to help our patients achieve the best outcomes. Each associate has continuing education benefits available to them each year through courses available at Upstream Rehabilitation Institute and our learning management system provider, MedBridge.

Aside from coursework, we have mentorship programs available to our clinicians. Each new graduate is paired with a senior therapist that helps guide the new graduate in a series of professionally driven topics. Clinical mentorship is achieved through our residency and fellowship programs. We also have regular regional and company-wide clinical and professional workshops throughout the year.

With so many options for mentorship and development available, sometimes the thought of all the choices can be overwhelming. We all have professional mentors, whether it be a formal mentor/mentee pairing like our senior therapist and new graduate program, or more of an informal mentor, like our direct supervisor, former professor, or a peer.

Are you struggling with your career path?

Not sure what continuing education you should focus on?

Talk to your mentor. A conversation with your mentor can help establish your goals and objectives, but also determine your strengths and weaknesses. It is important to make sure your development activities are in line with your professional mission, goals, and values.

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