OCS Prep Course


This course is intended to review principles of test-taking, OCS examination outline, and content of the OCS examination. The course has a mixture of readings and evidence-based recorded lectures. You will also have multiple quizzes in the format of the OCS examination.

Achieve proficiency in the following content areas:
– Human Anatomy and Physiology
– Movement Science
– Pathology/Pathophysiology/ Pain Science
– Medical/Surgical Interventions
– Orthopaedic Physical Therapy and Practice
– Critical Inquiry for Evidence Based Practice
– Other Professional Roles/Responsibilities/Values
– Examination/Evaluation/Diagnosis
– Prognosis/Interventions/Outcomes

Achieve proficiency in the following body regions:
– Head/Maxillofacial/Craniomandibular
– Cervical Spine
– Thoracic Spine/Ribs
– Lumbar Spine
– Pelvis/Sacroiliac/Coccyx/Abdomen
– Shoulder/ Shoulder Girdle
– Arm/Elbow
– Wrist/Hand
– Hip
– Thigh/Knee
– Leg/Ankle/Foot



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