Comprehensive Manual Therapist (CMT) Certification Exam


This exam is designed for those wishing to complete their Comprehensive Manual Therapist certification. This exam consists of 2 parts, first a written exam with multiple choice and short answer questions, which must be successfully completed before moving on to the second part, a live web-interface practical exam. Once registered for the exam, you will be contacted to coordinate your exam date and time. You must successfully pass both sections of the exam to become certified as a Comprehensive Manual Therapist. In order to be eligible to register and sit for this exam, clinicians must have taken the below courses through BenchMark Rehab Institute:

-Comprehensive management of the Cervicothoracic region
-Comprehensive management of the Upper Quarter
-Comprehensive management of the Lumbopelvic region
-Comprehensive management of the Lower Quarter
-Thrust Manipulation 1: Lower Extremity & Basic/Intermediate Spine
-Thrust Manipulation 2: Upper Extremity & Advanced Spine

Additional Information regarding Comprehensive Manual Therapist certification
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